Video issues, not playing

I suddenly have an issue with videos. Uploads is OK, but they will not start playing ?
If I upload the site 2-3 times some of the videos will play.
Connection to my site using a ftp client and download the videos, the videos that will not play is corrupt.
I did not have this issue before, many a bug in the latest Sparkle update ??

I’ll get in touch privately, we’ve heard one other mention of video corruption, though we’ve never seen it.

I have the same or a similar problem. When I add a video from my computer disk, it doesn’t show up in the video box (just a grey rectangle) in Sparkle. I’ve tried saving the video file in the Sparkle app and also in its original location with no change in this seen. I’ve also had problems with this happening to videos that have already been published (not showing up on the page) just a grey box. This happens over time (it worked when the page was originally published). Finally, I’ve also had a problem on several occasions where an image from a different video shows up on-line in the video box when the page is opened. It goes away and the correct video plays when the “Play” button is pushed.

Both of these:

  • video is uploaded but is corrupt
  • video poster is incorrect

were bugs that happened somewhat randomly, but that have since been fixed.

I don’t have enough information to know what “grey box” means, or what the source is.

Is this in the Sparkle canvas? Or in the published site? Can you provide a link to the page with the videos that are not showing?