Video (lightbox or embedded) always starting muted

In both Chrome and Safari, the page at won’t start the video with volume. It always starts muted. (The option is unchecked in the video options.) Ideas?

on my IPad and Macs the video with the woman starts at once with volume… a little bit music and then she talks. May be it will start a little bit later when there is a slowly internet connection?

Edit: It’s strange. Just I noticed that this video starts on my MacBook also muted, while it starts on IPad and IMac with sound. All are running under Catalina and Safari. Anywhere there is a difference …

Interesting; yes, I have the same. Works on iPad, not on MacBook.

Browser restrictions. Older browsers may start audio, newer ones don’t. I’d be very surprised to find an iOS browser that starts with sound without clicking.

Even if you click to open the lightbox, you still have to enable audio manually?

Then, how do other players do it? I.E., I can play a video on youtube without having to unmute audio.

(These videos are not set to autoplay, which is the restriction to which I think you are referring.)

Ah light box should work. I’ll take a look.

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Have you set the initial volume in the video settings? It would seem it’s muted or not set. I realize the explanatory on the mute checkbox is unclear about where muting is required.

The way browsers block audio is for anything that start that’s not tied to a user action.

Clicking on the video poster image is a user action, so the subsequent opening of the lightbox and playback of video is allowed to have audio.

Actually, turns out this is a regression in Sparkle, related to fixing an autoplay bug for video without audio track in Chrome, but only when the video file is uncached (pretty exotic). We have a fix for this, anybody needing it please get in touch via email.

Confirming this works with the Beta sparkle! Thanks @duncan.

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