Video metadata editing

Is there a way to direct Sparkle to output the Finder name of a movie and not the metadata title of the movie? If not, does anyone know of a way other than a specialized app that will allow editing the metadata? I’ve looked at Handbrake and don’t see a solution there.



Hi! I found this app for you:

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Thanks for your response. I did find a solution that doesn’t require a purchase or subscription.

I updated an app I had previously installed. It’s free, public domain and doesn’t require a subscription.

Changing the metadata is a bit tricky too as you have to have the video playing or paused.

After loading a video, start the video, then hit pause button.

then, command-I on keyboard.

Change name in Title field.

Screen shot of how the video appears in the Finder:


Double clicking and opening Quicktime now shows the metadata title at the top of the window:


So I’m not sure what is happening, but now when uploading to the server, Sparkle will save the video with the Finder name after converting everything to lower case.

Screen shot from the upload folder:



Anyway, all is good!

The reason Sparkle converts everything to lower case (and probably adds dashes in place of any spaces) is because many servers don’t like mixed case or spaces in file names. If you just wanted to change the name of a video file you could use Mac’s properties panel to do it. Just right click on the video file and select “Get Info” You can then change the name and extension within the properties interface. Alternatively, just change the file name in finder.

Yes, I get that, but changing the Finder name does not change the metadata title. But again, once I changed the metadata title, Sparkle started following the Finder name.

I use ff-works to strip out any metadata. 20€.

discard metadata