Video plays automatic in browser, not on phone

Hi all,

I made a quick first page to test the video options.
Now, I experience the following.

When I insert a video with these settings:

  • Video is 10MB
  • Video is on the website server
  • Plays automatic
  • No controls visible
  • Direct embedded

Everything is fine on my computer (safari browser)
I see the video and it starts playing automatic.

But on my phone (iPhone) the video is there but shows also ‘play’ symbol. Even when I press the play symbol, which should not be there actually, the video will not play.

Anyone knows what is going wrong here?
Thanks a lot!


oh and it’s an mp4 format video

Can you share the page where the video is?

yes Duncan,

Ok I don’t know what the problem is exactly, but iOS is very very painfully picky about the video format. I re-encoded one of your videos with, published to a test location, and it autoplayed with no problem.

So I suggest you use Handbrake too.

oh thanks a lot Duncan, I will try this Handbrake app!
Thank again,

Hi Duncan,

It works now, thing is that I still see the play icon on iOs.
So no autoplay yet.
Or is this something I need to activate in Handbrake?

Thank you,

Your site is looking fine and autoplaying for me on ios, with no play button visible… maybe something is just cached in the browser.

Yes, it had something to with the cache.
Now it works as I wished for.
Thank you Duncan, also for the Handbrake suggestion.
Much appreciated!