Video problem with lightbox

Hi, i have a problem with Video HD in lightbox,
they don’t constrain to the page width but play in their native resolution so you only see a part of it.
Any idea ?
thanks in advance

Hi @efra, more details needed. Youtube? mp4? Single/multi-device project? Published website URL? Or shared project?


Hi Duncan,
same format for all : MP4 HD > site :
i think it’s multi device ( PC and tablet in landscape ? icon on top left )
i’m at noob level in web design, that’s why i bought your software !
thanks for your reactivity

None of the videos there seem to zoom in a lightbox? Also what browser do you use for testing?

Yes it’s because i put them back to the normal presentation.
I’m gonna put the the video at the bottom in lightbox so you can see ( “dev. de rigs avec expresso” )
i tested it in firefox and safari ( on mac os 14.2 ) works fine in iOS

Thanks, we’ll look into it. For the time being use the player controls instead of the built-in ones.

sorry but i don’t understand what you mean by " use player controls… " ?

Use the video player option that doesn’t use the browser’s built-in controls, but uses the player provided with Sparkle.