Video suscription website

¿Is there any way I can do a video subscription website so users pay a subscription through paddle or something like that, a sparkle password gets sent and if someone stops paying it it cancels the password? it would be like some password protected webpages with the videos and that’s it.

I would suggest using a e-commerce solution that you can integrate in Sparkle.
Have a look here: Link
Ecwid has a subscription add on I think.
I used to use this shop system:

the thing is how I can integrate that with the sparkle password system

@dpamping, @MiWe had a few good solutions but I hear you want to use Sparkle’s password protected pages system…

You can run what @MiWe has mentioned behind a protected Sparkle page. The Subscriber would use the given password and then they would have access to a Ecwid subscription model. This won’t be viewable by anyone that has not got a password to access it.

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I see that but if someone’s stops paying the password continuous to work :frowning:

They’re set up for this already.
Lots of independent producers depend on it.
Yes, there’s a fee you have to pay, but it’s worth it for what you get. And… hosting your videos there doesn’t chew up your site’s bandwidth!

@dpamping If you use a third party membership script, such as the one detailed HERE, you won’t need to use sparkle’s password system. Such systems allow users to sign up, with or without payment of a subscription fee (Paypal and Authorize currently supported) and create their own password when signing up. Once the subscription expires, users will no longer be able to access your protected pages unless they renew.

Your protected pages can be normal Sparkle pages containing your video content. You would then add a small piece of code at the top of each protected page before or after publishing. This provides the content protection. The sign up form can be integrated into any page of your website with the code widget. There are other features included such as protected files for downloading.