Video with transparency

Is it possible to place a video with transparency? ‘Opening curtains with revealing logo’. Thanks.

Sparkle doesn’t support it, but you can get to it by placing the right files on your server and a little code. You would need:

  • a tool that produces video with transparency (not sure what that is), and encoded in a video format that supports transparency, so encoded with “HEVC With Alpha” or “ProRes4444”
  • a version of that video encoded with H265
  • a version of that video encoded with VP9
  • this code in an embed element, referencing the correct video path:
<video width="600" height="100%" autoplay loop muted playsinline>
  <source src="" type='video/mp4; codecs="hvc1"'>
  <source src="movie-webm.webm"  type="video/webm">

Browser support for the video formats isn’t super easy to find, but I believe VP9 was added in Chrome 48 (released in June 2016), whereas H265 support was added in iOS Safari 11 and macOS High Sierra (released in September 2017).

We don’t support this in Sparkle because it’s not easy to transcode video to the right format, and building any video manipulation features in Sparkle would require paying yearly patent royalties to the different video patent holding consortiums. Maybe we’ll find a workaround for this at some point.

Thanks, this seems a bit above my ability, but I think I can get this with a .mp4 (opening curtains) and scroll animations.