Video's not playing

Hi there,

I’ve found a problem in the new sparkle app. I have a page on my website with some video’s on it. But when I click on them they won’t play in a lightning-box, before the update everything worked perfect. I haven’t changed anything. On my iPhone it works as it should.

  • I already delete everything and reinsert the video’s
  • I played with some settings but it doesn’t work
  • Tried different browsers, no succes

Is there anything I can do about this problem?

This is the URL: Werk


Have you checked your privacy settings @GvLisdonk?

In version 5.0.3 I set a video from YouTube (placed the link), but I can’t see the video itself on my page. When I click on it, I see it on YouTube though (that is wat I want).
(het is overigens huisstijl, Gijs).

Sorry for my late reaction. I was very busy. I’ve check those and nothing changed.

It seems to work now properly.