Viewport not set to "device-width" sparkle

I just got a report from Google Search saying I had one Mobile usability issue: Viewport not set to “device-width”.

This has come up once before on this forum and the advice was to use the Devices feature. The documentation mentions being marked down by search engines and Duncan said “this is what the Devices feature is for”.

I have a layout specific for Mobile and another for desktop with the other devices set to Automatic.

Given that I have a device and layout for Mobile why is this happening? Mobile is 70% of my traffic.

Site is

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@GregLuck, There are a number of things I can see why Google has alerted you. Users do need to be able to interact with your mobile site with their fingers!

I have prepared a few things which I’ll message you…

And welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

The specific “Viewport not set to device-width” error is a mistake. Maybe Google is referring to a month old (or more) issue.