Vimeo/YouTube URLs not accepted

Hi. I’ve been trying to add Vimeo and YouTube videos to my site and the input vanishes the moment you touch something else on the page. Same story with the video ID.

What’s my best option here? I’ve also tried as Network Location and I have futzed with my Vimeo/YouTube settings exhaustively.


Hi @mcintyreprime, welcome!

Can you show screenshots and maybe the video URL of what you’re trying to add?

Thanks, Duncan!

On this page, I can enter a Vimeo URL or ID. Neither one succeeds. If I enter what I know to be a proper URL (, the right-pointing arrow doesn’t activate. If I subsequently move on to another video or tap anywhere on the screen, when I return to the original video it doesn’t retain the URL. Ultimately, my plan is for them to land here:

Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Yeah the problem is likely with that specific Vimeo video, it probably has some sort of sharing restriction or other limitation. If you try with other Vimeo videos (say it works fine.

I guess Sparkle should be more clear about the error condition, but other than that there’s nothing Sparkle can do about this.

Interesting. Thank you. So I can’t post any video that requires a password unless I do it as an Embed?

Definitely agree about the error (which isn’t presently indicated).

That’s pretty much what I wrote yes.

Pretty much. Thanks!