Virtual art gallery

I’m an artist (abstract landscape painter - and art gallery shows I had scheduled to exhibit at this year have been cancelled due to CORVID-19.

Disappointing but better to stay safe than sorry!

I’ve been wondering if I could create a scrolling “virtual reality wall” where I could display my paintings? This isn’t the same thing as the Sparkle’s Image Gallery.

I’d like the web visitor to see a gallery wall and scroll around a virtual room to see my different paintings.

Sound complicated to do, no doubt! Perhaps there’s a plug-in I could use in Sparkle?

Have any of you web developers created something like that for photographer or artist clients?

Thanks, cheers and stay safe.

Hi @sunra, I can kind of imagine what you are thinking about, but I’m afraid it’s not built-in in Sparkle and I wouldn’t even know what to call this. Is there a site that has something like that?

Hi Duncan, I found this site that seems to support a virtual art wall here: with an example here:–-bruun-rasmussen-auctioneers
It’s kind of neat when you scroll left and right. A challenge to develop no doubt :slight_smile:

Well they say “an embed code is provided”, and this is the tutorial, so it should be possible to integrate in Sparkle.

Yes, I just saw that. There’s a cost with that service of course, and I was hoping to just have a "plug-in’ so I could actually do it within Sparkle, rather than use a pay site. Nevertheless, thanks for your interest and assistance, I’ll figure out my next steps :slight_smile: