Visibility 'all pages in this section' is grey most of the times. Why?

I work with three sections and would love to use visibility to work per section but that choice is greyed out, almost always. I thought that overlapping boxes would be the problem but it isn’t. How can I make it work?

Can you please provide more informations about your problem?
Often, a photo tells more than couple words.

We need more details and / or a screenshot of the full canvas screen.
Most likely the page is not in a section, or there is only 1 page in the section.

Mr. F.

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I hope this helps!

Yes, that’s weird. Maybe a bug.

Mr. F.

If it’s greyed out it means the page isn’t in a section. It’s a visual glitch in the sidebar, the page is under the section, not inside it. Sorry needs to be fixes. Drag the page over the section name and it will go in it.


So I was right in a way that the page is not in the section. This only happens when you try to drag it into one and miss the target. If you insert it via the box at the bottom and select section, it doesn’t happen.

You can check this (but who does) by collapsing the section. If the page disappears, it is in the section. If it is still visible, it is not in the section.

Maybe Duncan could add a field in the inspector on the right (page tab) that shows if a page is in the section and in which section.

Mr. F.

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Thanks! I’m so glad this puzzle is solved now!