Visibility + Text Styles = Master Page? What about changing sizes & positions of items?

I’m doing a complete remake of a site, so I try to avoid past mistakes. So many… :slight_smile:

One mistake was: designing the complete site for desktop first and for mobile later. I had to change every single item on every page to make it fit for mobile. And sometimes 10-20 items would be stacked on top of each other or so small they were invisible & I had to pry them all apart and resize and place them correctly. For each page… So this time I made three ‘master pages’, each including a mobile version. I even decided to make all page lay-outs (per master) identical: identical positions for pictures, texts etc.

But… as soon as I now start using (duplicating) those templates for making new pages I lose the ability to make universal changes in the position and size of items, even though the lay-outs of the pages are exactly the same. So with every tweak I have to redo that on every page.

(In that sense there are no real Master pages. But maybe I am missing something.)

Is there an alternative way to tackle this problem?

I’m a very happy Sparkle user and learning new things every time. I love the puzzle of (re)designing a site maybe once or twice year, but sometimes I get stuck. :slight_smile:

Master pages in the DTP sense (pagemaker, indesign) only really make sense where the page format is fixed. On a web page content, text specifically, has variable length, so you can’t really reconcile something back to a master page for arbitrarily positioned items.

Sparkle’s solution for that is elements that are visible on all pages, as shown in this documentation page:

An additional option to be used in conjunction with visibility is the “follow footer” checkbox, to place footer items relative to the page bottom on all pages they appear in.

Thanks again, Duncan. Makes sense for the vast majority of designs, I’m sure.