Warning of broken video links

In a personal Sparkle website I included several videos. As suggested I kept them in the original folder. Everything worked perfectly.
After I had to do some clean-up in my harddrive, I didn’t realize that the folder with the videos had become a subfolder. In Sparkle the videos still showed up in their usual way, but when I checked the latest published website, the video placeholder was empty.
Of course it was easy to relink the videos in Sparkle and everything works fine again, but it would be nice, if Sparkle had told me that the video links were broken and needed relinking.

Just a thought.

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That would indeed be great. I have that with images that are taken off my HD by iCloud, because my HD is getting full. It will not upload the image then and you get a questionmark on the website.

All images and video should be stored in Sparkle.

From the Sparkle manual: “From disk video files can be stored only in their original location on your Mac, via the image storage mode setting. While they are always sent to your website when publishing, they will not burden your main project file.”
With all my pictures/images, my Sparkle file is already over 500 MB large (I minimized all the image jpg files, but I have a lot and all of them are “expandable”) and takes a long time to load, even when I only want to correct a spelling mistake. The video files are another 650 MB. I don’t think they should be stored in the Sparkle file.
Also the time to publish online would be much longer if the video files were part of the Sparkle file (or am I wrong, @Duncan?)

Publish time is the same, whether the storage is inside the project file or on disk, they need to be uploaded to your web host at some point.

Thanks @duncan for clarifying that. I thought, because you always have to sync ALL the files, even when you just changed something on one page, it could take longer.
My problem was, that when I synchronized the version with the broken links (with transmit) it erased the videos as they were no longer linked to Sparkle. After I relinked them, they had to be uploaded again (and I have a VERY SLOW internet connection …).

I have always used the Publish function setting within Sparkle and kept all media files within Sparkle and have no problems or issues. Admittingly the larger the Sparkle file the more time it will take to Publish but that is the nature of the beast.

The easiest way to deal with this issue is to upload your video content to a folder on your server before designing your site. Once that folder is uploaded, you can add your videos to the project by using the network location option. Just enter the URL of your video file as shown below. This ensures that your video file is always available to the Sparkle project file and will also help to keep your Sparkle project file size small.


@francbrowne Thank you for that tip of dealing with it.