Web Stories - anyone tried this marketing tool?

I’ve just stumbled across this for Wordpress but it looks like it has other possibilities with embedded HTML, so has anyone tried this? It looks like it could be very useful as a marketing tool!
This is the link I found: https://amp.dev/about/stories/ so I wonder if it’s supported in Sparkle?



Hi @rogerb,

it’s unclear what the value proposition of that product would be. It used to be that Google would only put websites in the carousel if the page was designed with AMP. They dropped this (recently) and will in theory feature any website that has good web vitals metrics. This is actually right up Sparkle’s alley.

What’s left in that web stories product seems to be a set of guidelines to create visually compelling landing pages maybe? I’m not quite sure. They do start out with a lie, stating AMP is “part of the open web”, while AMP might have been standardized it was always tightly controlled by Google.

It’s also entirely code-based, so not quite the Sparkle audience.

Creating visual experiences, visually? Sparkle can do that.

Thanks Duncan! After a closer look, the effort required (as with most Google/Amazon-based things) was too much so I’ll look for something else and see what’s out there!

Unless someone on here can recommend something of course!

its literally Instagram / Snapchat / TikTok / Facebook / Twitter stories but on the web

it does have a nice feel for it, and it may be very much appealing for users. This type of storytelling is very interesting as we approach the apex of experience marketing in the next years to come - so news outlets, blogs and pretty much each information/content provider will use this.

If we could do something like this in Sparkle - maybe with horizontal scrolling and anchor points? Don’t know if works, but sounds like a good try.

From my take on this we have Google taking a “funnel” like process through this storytelling platform. What a better way to control the masses of stories then through something they have built and will police!

All Sparkle Users should use their Sparkle website as a “independent-home” on the internet where you have control over your free-speech for now!

This is Google garbage rotting in the Wordpress dumpster…Leave it alone.

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