Web3 + Sparkle + Panot

Hello! I´ve just uploaded the new website of the project im doing for the next web. Fully made with Sparkle :star_struck: and much love!

:man_walking:WALK-IN :walking_woman:and tell me what you think.


Nice job @soygrafico! :slight_smile: :clap:
Love how you have used the graphical elements in an asymmetrical way!

I follow you on instagram now :wink: Why don’t you let your Instagram channel automatically flow into the page?

Hi :wave:t2:

It’s very pretty and the result is very professional. Very beautiful work! :star_struck:

Great work @soygrafico lovely site and like the use of the animations. Well done. :+1:

@ soygrafico: Very artistic and just as important of the taste of your final product (Tiles).
Congratulations, a nice work with style.

Hey dude, thanks always for your comments! Im so bullish with the release of Sparkle5! Can wait to create on the powerhouse of @duncan :muscle:

Hello Steffi, thanks for the follow! On IG I have the Linktree because I think it gives the user a confidence of a familiar link and UI, also they can choose where to go… but, I will change it right now to see what happens! THANKS! See you back there (also on Twitter! :bird: Panot_es There is where the big things happen!)

Hello Allan, thank you :pray: try to do my best, still is a long way ahead on Web3 but with something we have to start. The most important thing for me is create something that my son will be proud on the future when he turns his head back to this time.
There is a lot of things happening on Web3, see you when you want on Twitter :bird:Panot_es

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The power of Sparkle :joy: I only use what Sir Duncan give us. Thanks!

Thanks dude, the cultural heritage is enormous and im so excited on the idea of bring it to the future of the digital life of all of us. Let’s see what will happen on the future. At the moment, just consistency, and mucho love on the dream. Cheers!