Webhosting requirements

I am not the technical guy …
My web-hosting company hosts my website on a IIS8 Windows server which does not allow PHP.
I have in my website used a reply to mail menu which requires PHP.
The hosting company tells me to change to Linux platform offering this possibility.
Only they want to be sure the architecture of the Sparkle websites do not contain ASP.NET codes …
Can anyone tell me this is the case or not ?
Greetings from Spring-like Brussels

Not to reply to your question - but DON’T think of changing hosting to Go-Daddy. Their php does not extend to subdirectories below your main site.
After 6 years with them, I switched to siteground.
Working well.


Hi @swytch, some web hosts do support php on windows servers. Anyway there’s no ASP.NET code in Sparkle, you can safely switch to Linux.