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“Everything seems FINE, except…”
When I add a regular page it takes over the right most menu bubble.
Deleting that just wipes the menu down to 3 bubbles.

Advices ?

Please include the link so we can have a look. Thanks

working better now.
Just a skeletal site so I can check just one thing at a time.


You use this site for experimenting. Very cool idea. I think I might do the same.

I’m glad I recorded my kvetch about http vs https .
Because NOW, since the 3.1.1 upgrade I’m NOT seeing the odd behavior from Sparkle!
The few things I know to check all seem to check out.

Congratulations to River SRL, et al.


How bout adding a couple of pages of parallax views. I’ve yet to figure all of mine out. Placement is giving me fits.

I know nothing about Parallax.
“Of that we do not know, we should not speak.” (Apologies to the philosopher, maybe Kierkegaard)

Msg. to Woodrow
Duncan just sent updates and addendums to documentation - including Parallex !

Joseph O’Laughlin

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