Website/Business name

Hello everyone, hope you are all staying safe.
I would like to ask a question that isn’t really a Sparkle question but I want to reach out to you creative types who maybe able to help!
I currently have a website that is still in it’s development stage and is created by sparkle, which I really love using. However I am not happy with the name of the business, I have really hit a road block in trying to come up with a catchy name that is a little fun and matches with what I will be doing. As you can see I am making wall novelity display/lights that has a comic book/super hero style or personalised names, I am also looking at introducing a graffiti style name light too. I would really appreciate any help or guidance as I have hit a brick wall. I have used the name generators online but not a lot of use. Thank you for your time. Si

@Sicherry, Yes I think most of us entrepreneurs have been here! In the end I believe you are not creating a name for out there or what will be the flavour of the month but more something that rings true with you. Your uniqueness is what is going to sell your business, and of course that ideal client!

Based on what you have on your site “it throughs punches” with the bold lettering and colours so maybe something like “Kapow Lighting”, “Pop Lights”, “Morph Lighting”, “Crafted lighting Co (a bit more serious)”. Well I hope my little contribution is of help, and good luck! :slight_smile:

@greenskin, thank you for your input, you as always are a great help. you have given me some food for thought. It is quite bazaar, I can sit down, come up with a new design for a light, create a website but stumble at the naming of the business.
Best Regards Si.