Website crashes in Safari on the iPhone

Hi there,

I’ve created a website and everything works as it should. Only on the iPhone the site crashes in Safari. This problem doesn’t exist in other browsers. Is anyone else having this problem with his site? Is there something to do about it?


Are you talking in Preview or is your site on your hosting platform?
Maybe let us have the URL to check so we can see what happens in iOS Safari?


The website url is:

On my iPhone the site crashes when scrolling from down to top. It doesn’t happens always. Let me know if you can reproduce the crash.


Thanks @GvLisdonk

I have tried it out in iOS Safari (plus Chrome and Firefox) and everything is working AOK on this end. I saw no signs of any overload or glitching in Safari.

Maybe do the following with your iPhone and see if things change…

  • Clear your Safari cache
  • Have you got your iPhone up to date with updates?
  • Is your Safari’s javascript turned on?
  • Close Safari and then turn off your phone for a couple of minutes and start again