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Hi my fellow Sparkle mates! I created the website below on Sparkle and I’m looking for constructive criticism on how to improve upon the mobile and desktop versions of the site. Any and all comments/recommendations are welcome

Website to review:

Thank you!

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Firstly welcome onboard @Allen! :slight_smile:

I can add a few things for you to take a look over again…

  • The server you are using is really slow in loading your website
  • On your home page should signing up to the newsletter have a send button?
  • Waiting several times (2-3mins.) for your COURSES page to load but it would never load fully?

On your Mobile…

  • Your main navigation is virtually impossible to work - it is far to small!
  • Nearly all the text was illegible to read
  • Your forms are far too small to interact with
  • Login form top right of pages is far to small to interact with

There is more but I think with the above your Client’s mobile experience will be a far more better one.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I think the site looks great! Very impressive, modern layout and look! Lots to love here.
As Mr. Fig says, there are a few minor considerations but I think you have much to be proud of here.
One suggestion would be to enlarge the font size in the footer; it’s hard to read on my iPhone. Maybe try a darker background color there, too. The white on light grey is hard to read.
Are your courses really free?

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Thank you for the feedback. I too had an issue with the pages load time, and I’m optimizing the images and videos. Thank you.

In regards to the menu and forms, can you share screenshots? I’ve viewed the website on Chrome, Explorer, Safari and Firefox on my iPhone and don’t see what you see. Thank you for your help.

Thank you so much for the feedback and taking the time to review my website. I agree, the white on grey contrast can be hard read. I’ll make those changes.

And yes, some courses will be free!