Website re-skin practices

I am interested in learning how others deal with how they handle a re-skin of their websites.

For example, do you freeze content changes to your production site, download it, re-skin it, and upload?

Or, because of how long it takes to do a re-skin, do you do the re-skin while you continue to make your regular production content changes, and then somehow merge the re-skin and production content?

Would someone share their practices/experiences?

Thank you.

I’ve 're skinned my own site about 3 times.

Ive done the keep a version live and re-skin a copy and re-skin the live site.

Its over 60 pages so what I did is check my popular pages using SEO tools. Did those pages first, then continued on with the rest over time.
I make a habit to make a backup copy before every session.

Any changes on the live site are copy/pasted in to the site being updated.

A little bit of planning before you start and sticking with that plan is the way to go.

I’m not sure what you mean by download a production site, are talking about the html on the server?


Thanks @Chris.

When you say “copy/pasted”, are you assuming the page is compatible with the new design? Are you reworking the new content when pasting?

Also, when you backup, are you talking the Sparkle file, an exported version of the Sparkle output, or both?

p.s. …and you’re right. Forget I said “download” :blush: