Website Shows Untitled & JavaScript Issue


I wonder if anyone could help please?

I have recently created a holding page and uploaded etc to my server; doing the same process I have always done but now when I type in google I see the attached:


Never had this before and cant seem to work out why its showing this now!? The only thing I can think of is it maybe just having to wait longer for google to crawl the site? Been only a few days it has been upload.

Thanks :pray:

Hello :wave:t2:

I’m not sure how this could happen… Try re-indexing your page by entering the URL of your homepage at the top of this page:

You need to be registered and recognized as the site owner to access it. Please note that it may take several days/weeks for Google to properly re-index your site.

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Hi Allan

Thank you for your help and advice; I have done what you suggested and will wait for the site to be re-indexed by Google.

Thanks :pray:

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