Website starts with blank page

Good evening.
After a simple modification on the homepage (extra picture), the website (HOME-page) gives a blank page.
With adding index.html after the website
name it works, but this is not the right behavior.
In Settings is the content: HOME.
Unfortunately this doesn’t help.
Any ideas?
Regards, Frank.

It looks like you may have some stray file on your website, I’d say it’s unlikely that Sparkle caused that, but it’s hard to say.

My suggestion would be to access the web hosting space using their file manager or an FTP app, and delete all of the website files. This means locating the index.html for your website and deleting all files and folders next to it (not the folder itself and not any files in folders above that).

Then publish again from Sparkle.

Duncan, that was another good idea! Website works now again as expected.
Thanks for your lightning-fast reaction!