Website stop working during the uploading

With my previous software, my site were still working normally during the uploading: the changes appeared when the uploading was finished.
With Sparkle, no.
Guess that’s normal and there’s nothing we can do about it?
NB: I use FileZilla.

I let Sparkle do the publishing and I don’t have that issue.

Just answered that question in detail here:

I would have thought you’d have to at least refresh your browser to see the changes?
I go via the Sparkle “Publish” and I haven’t had any issues.

Do you think it’s possible to reach the same result using FileZilla ?

I ask because the folder where I have to publish contents too many files and Sparkle ftp is not able to identify the sub-folder where to upload.
FleZilla can.

If you want, I can send you the publication datas to make the test.

FileZilla is never going to know about the specifics of Sparkle’s file layout. We put a lot of effort into that setup, combining publishing, file naming, caching, etc. The closest thing you can do is use the file synchronization option — many FTP clients have it, not sure about FileZilla. When exporting to disk Sparkle only updates the date of changed files, which is what sync works with.

Sparkle’s server folder detection attempts to ensure the server side folder is the right one for the web address you have specified. FileZilla will just blindly upload anywhere you want it to, but picking the right folder is eventually something you have to address.

Unfortunately some web hosts have strong caching that prevents Sparkle’s detection from working.

You can force Sparkle to accept a folder by holding the option key when clicking Next in the folder section screen (blindly like FileZilla). Clearly if the folder is incorrect the site will still not work. Also this is not recommended because when auto detecting Sparkle also figures out other settings about the web host. Also with a free/basic/one license you can get stuck to the incorrect publishing folder.