What do I not understand?

Just upgraded to 4.0 (from the latest PRO-version).

I see an offer:

But then, when I want to use the offer, I see this:

At first I wanted to contact customer service, but I don’t think I can upload the images there. And two images say more then words in this case.

I suspect it’s just the license server not quite caught up.
I saw something similar but after a few minutes it seemed ok

worked fine for me… @duncan may help you better, but did you purchased your license through Sparkle’s website or via the app store? May be something incompatible with that

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I agree with @primo ifmyounhave bought your licence in the App Store then you only be able to update there. I had the similar issue version earlier but worked when I went to the App Store.

I have bought Sparkle on the website directly.

There was a glitch for about half an hour. Is it still the case?


I am also not offered the option to purchase the upgrade. I bought V3Pro and at the time directly from Sparkle, not from the App Store.

Mr. F.

Email us details (license code, etc) and we’ll take a look.

The upgrade-price is correct now.

But I wait until the problem, which causes Sparkle to crash at uploading the website-file, is solved. Upgrading now would mean that my website is not maintainable and that is out of the question, of course.

I other words: I hope the crash-problem is solved as quick as possible.

I updated from 3.x to 4.x via App Store. Although I have a 3.x pro license, the upgrade price shown in the License window is € 99,99 and not €64,99. Is that right (App Store)?

That’s unfortunately a mistake in the pricing visualization (update coming soon). If you click through on the upgrade the actual price is €64.99.

Though the full scoop on this is Apple broke testing of appstore functionality in Mac apps, and it has been broken for months now, so we were kind of going blind on this.

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After I had problems how to get the V4 upgrade - or I was too stupid for that - now everything worked on the first try.

I had purchased V3Pro directly from Sparkle at the time. Today I was offered a free update to version 4. After installing it, you can purchase the full upgrade online for the correct price.

No problems so far. FTP settings were preserved and a publishing worked.
Will continue with testing the new features.

Mr. F.