What element attributes carry/don't carry over?

Hi. General question…

What element attributes carry over or don’t carry over from one device to another?

For example, a text block…I see I can change the size of the text on mobile and it won’t change on desktop. I also see I can change the location. However, custom scrolling is something that is set for both devices.

Is there a criteria that determines what attributes carry over and those that do not?

Knowing this would help me in designing from the different devices.


More or less - YES.
Textstyles are highly recommended.

Mr. F.

Attributes that are per-device:

  • position and size of the element frame
  • text size
  • text attributes can be (if you have the synchronize text attributes option turned off in the devices popup)
  • a few other things that are called out in the interface such as menu orientation and text wrapping

Text styles encapsulate the ability of text to be different on different devices, so you can have the Body style be Lato 16 on desktop but Lato 12 on mobile.

All other attributes are identical across devices, so if you need to change one of those you need to duplicate the element and use the “show on this device” to show/hide the duplicates on different devices.

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