What is new in 4.0.3 ver

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The updater tells you when it runs, or the appstore tells you in the release notes.


  • fixed tag order when adding blog tags to blog index page
  • fixed post login/logout pages when site has multiple login forms
  • fixed menu in sites with many menus and multiple folders
  • fixed “fix to bottom” elements vs. phones with safe areas
  • fixed popup closing immediately on Android Chrome in some cases
  • fixed password protection per group visibility sometimes showing wrong selection
  • fixed FTP deletion of files on the server when renaming a folder
  • fixed layout of overlapping elements in some cases
  • fixed countdown page redirection not working when countdown page in a folder
  • fixed shadow for icons in text
  • fixed font or size change of icons when adding a link
  • fixed lack of encryption for gif images in password protected pages
  • fixed “fixed” popups shifting horizontally in browsers that show scrollbars
  • fixed SEO check for home page with targeting turned off
  • fixed footer element shift in some cases
  • fixed cookie banner inspector to allow changing scroll activation offset
  • fixed scroll locations for auto-scaled layouts
  • fixed coordinate rounding causing slight shift of rotated elements when reloading a document
  • fixed upgrade messaging
  • fixed gallery image generation on devices over 2000 pixels wide
  • fixed some kinds of drowndown options in contact forms
  • fixed password protection to work with PHP 5.6+
  • fixed footer positioning on multidevice documents when adding a new page
  • fixed spam bot detection in some cases
  • fixed text scaling in auto-scaled devices
  • fixed login form inspector
  • fixed impossibility to select the reply to option in contact form inspector
  • fixed several crashes


  • fixed auto-upgrade to v4 license for some AppStore customers
  • fixed contact form direct SMTP connection for some mail servers
  • fixed memory leak in preview
  • fixed duplication of popups shifting content
  • fixed background color for buttons
  • fixed password protection post logout page
  • fixed background color of text incorrectly changed
  • fixed images with fixed positioning on iOS
  • fixed mis-diagnosed “insufficient disk space” when publishing with password protection
  • fixed crash when opening SVGs
  • fixed crash when deleting a dropdown option while editing it
  • fixed z-index for modal/fixed nested popups
  • fixed support for Safari 9 and 10
  • fixed incorrect text size on iOS in rare cases


  • added opening and closing a different popup from within a popup
  • fixed incorrect upgrade pricing shown in the AppStore version of Sparkle
  • fixed unavailability of 14 day trial in AppStore version of Sparkle
  • fixed login form to not work when there’s no login page
  • fixed gallery label not being shown in some cases
  • fixed password protected downloadable file sizes in some cases
  • fixed PDFs in password protected areas downloading instead of showing in the browser
  • fixed publishing crash in some cases
  • fixed organization metadata generation
  • fixed validation issues with the generated code
  • fixed edge cases with layout blocks
  • fixed sending email to SMTP servers in some cases
  • fixed copy/paste and duplicate element not updating text wrap
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