What’s your top 5 or 10 list?

Duncan just asked this in a different thread and let’s continue here to streamline the ideas.

I do think we have a lot to add to Sparkle. What’s your top 5 or 10 list?


O boy, I just created my own! : …

Here’s a bunch of feature/functions I’d like to see:

  • Site Search result separators
    Have individual results reported to the Site Search element delineated with a (choice of) separator(s).
  • Blog tags
    Be able to have tags on blog posts with index pages generated by tag.
  • Function change request for “In a folder”
    When applying Page attributes and I want to put the page in a folder, rather than entering the name in a free text input field, I’d rather have a drop down consisting of already existing folders and a choice to add a new folder. Currently, there is a risk of putting in an incorrectly spelled folder name to a folder that already exists.
  • Sort options for index pages
    The current sort order is by date posted. I’d like to be able to sort by any reasonable element or layer and by a multilevel sort. Example: I use a text box as a tag. Imagine if I name the text box element as “tag”. It would be of value to sort by “tag” then date.
  • Internal page link UI mimicking left nav pane
    I’d like the ability to find an internal page to link by having the drop down show me pages via an expandable/collapsable section view. Rather than showing me a list of all pages, present the current drop down similar to the left hand Page navigation where I can expand/collapse sections to expose and minimize the pages within a section where there sections. With a site with a large number of pages (as with a mature blog site), finding an internal page to link becomes much faster.
  • Ability to see a log of search entries entered in the Site Search field.

That’s a good idea!
I will start with my list:

  • automatic Darkmode Support for websites (so you can change the color for visitors who use the dark mode on there devices)

  • a before - after photo slider

  • more options with the smart fields (e.g. countdown for every Sunday 5pm except of the 22th of august)

  • an easier way to create a website for different languages (instead of my workflow today: create page in one language > duplicating > translating > linking in the site-language settings)

  • Function to duplicate Pup-Ups

  • integration of Squarespace Scheduling

Which important functions for you have I forgotten?

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  1. Replace device fixed-widths with free-form choices
  2. Create a device layout viewer too see all device layouts side-by-side
  3. Replace Sparkle color picker with Apple system color picker
  4. Replace fixed masking with free-form masking
  5. Support HDR images and HDR (Dolby Vision) video

The ability to include attachments when sending forms would be amazing.


I’d like to echo something from @ikky (Defining the type of an input field) and that is field validation for common form fields such as email address, date components, etc.

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As a site visitor, I am more engaged when web content is personalized. Therefore, as a Sparkle designer, having the ability to leverage form variables across elements and pages would be of high value.

For example, imagine a pop up with looking for a confirmation of what was entered on the form underneath the pop up.