What’s your top 5 or 10 list?

Duncan just asked this in a different thread and let’s continue here to streamline the ideas.

I do think we have a lot to add to Sparkle. What’s your top 5 or 10 list?


O boy, I just created my own! : …

Here’s a bunch of feature/functions I’d like to see:

  • Site Search result separators
    Have individual results reported to the Site Search element delineated with a (choice of) separator(s).
  • Blog tags
    Be able to have tags on blog posts with index pages generated by tag.
  • Function change request for “In a folder”
    When applying Page attributes and I want to put the page in a folder, rather than entering the name in a free text input field, I’d rather have a drop down consisting of already existing folders and a choice to add a new folder. Currently, there is a risk of putting in an incorrectly spelled folder name to a folder that already exists.
  • Sort options for index pages
    The current sort order is by date posted. I’d like to be able to sort by any reasonable element or layer and by a multilevel sort. Example: I use a text box as a tag. Imagine if I name the text box element as “tag”. It would be of value to sort by “tag” then date.
  • Internal page link UI mimicking left nav pane
    I’d like the ability to find an internal page to link by having the drop down show me pages via an expandable/collapsable section view. Rather than showing me a list of all pages, present the current drop down similar to the left hand Page navigation where I can expand/collapse sections to expose and minimize the pages within a section where there sections. With a site with a large number of pages (as with a mature blog site), finding an internal page to link becomes much faster.
  • Ability to see a log of search entries entered in the Site Search field.

That’s a good idea!
I will start with my list:

  • automatic Darkmode Support for websites (so you can change the color for visitors who use the dark mode on there devices)

  • a before - after photo slider

  • more options with the smart fields (e.g. countdown for every Sunday 5pm except of the 22th of august)

  • an easier way to create a website for different languages (instead of my workflow today: create page in one language > duplicating > translating > linking in the site-language settings)

  • Function to duplicate Pup-Ups

  • integration of Squarespace Scheduling

Which important functions for you have I forgotten?

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  1. Replace device fixed-widths with free-form choices
  2. Create a device layout viewer too see all device layouts side-by-side
  3. Replace Sparkle color picker with Apple system color picker
  4. Replace fixed masking with free-form masking
  5. Support HDR images and HDR (Dolby Vision) video

The ability to include attachments when sending forms would be amazing.


I’d like to echo something from @ikky (Defining the type of an input field) and that is field validation for common form fields such as email address, date components, etc.

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As a site visitor, I am more engaged when web content is personalized. Therefore, as a Sparkle designer, having the ability to leverage form variables across elements and pages would be of high value.

For example, imagine a pop up with looking for a confirmation of what was entered on the form underneath the pop up.

Without the Layers Panel (using Sparkle One) it’s almost impossible to get “Stick to Top” to remain visible when a pop-up is scrolled. Forward/Backward/Front/Back is pure guesswork as you don’t know how many layers exist. A Layer Panel for Sparkle One to be at least able to view the layers would be good (as I don’t need all the rest that Sparkle Pro has on offer).

I would love to be able to easily convert my website into a google amp version.

@EricExtreme, I have to ask why?..

Google AMP is now officially not privileged even by Google, so really no reason.

It was a joke. As @duncan stated Google Amp isn’t even privileged by Google anymore. It’s dead for all intents and purposes.

@EricExtreme, Ok funny! :slight_smile:

Like Microsoft Google loves throwing experiments out to see if it sticks and to see if they can get the corporation traction and as a consequence further police the internet with their proprietary technology.

I do my best to avoid anything google and will only use the essentials for my clients.
AMP was a joke and an insidious proprietary take over of the web! Happy to hear it failed when it did!!! :slight_smile: