What’s your top 5 or 10 list?

You can actually replace the image by selecting the top “menu” item in the menu settings and scrolling down. Or you can use the button+popup technique that’s actually a lot more flexible (though a little more work to set up).

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Another function in miss is as alternativ to google analytics also the support for using the self-hosted alternative Matomo. (formerly Piwik)

Of course I could put the Tracking-Code into a code-field on every page, but this is not the sparkle way. :wink:


Having the Layers-Panel only in the PRO (and not in the ONE) Verison is seriously a Joke.

I mean how are we supposed to build a site with pop-ups and using the all the layer arrangements without an overview of all the existing hidden windows? This does not make sense at all.

I love Sparkle but PLEASE consider putting the Layers in the ONE Version.
Or leave the whole pop-ups out of it. But this cant be the solution.

Agreed, added for the upcoming Sparkle 4.0.4


If you are selected on an object and working in the “Arrange” tab, when you move to another page and select an object it defaults back to the “Style” tab.
For me I would like Sparkle to stay on the same tab as was selected on the previous page.

  1. Ability to design my own blog post template rather than duplicating a page.
  2. Selected tabs to remain for each object clicked.
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