When publishing - not all files are actually publishing

@duncan hoping you have some thoughts on this. The following posts have been a small sampling of the frustrations and bugs that I’m experiencing.

When I try to publish my site a portion (about 10%) of the site is not publishing. Things such as pictures and even the menu, at times, do not publish. I have tried this in a few different ways.: publish to my computer, and publish direct to the server. I have tried it using a few different ways of saving the site images, 1x, 2x and 3x, webP compression, toggled on or off, using both methods of faster compression or better compression. When I publish to a folder on my computer, files are missing. When I publish directly to the server, the app crashes, and so does my computer.

Sometimes the menu publishes… on some pages, and then hides behind photos on other pages and sometimes it doesn’t show at all. And, i have it set to the forward most object on the page.

I currently have the image settings with webP turned off and 3x turned off, and the images are set to faster because any other way of settings then crashes the app.

as an example on the bottom pic, you’ll see what the sparkle file looks like, but the top pic shows what is publishing. Missing the footer, and logo.

Edit: I am able to circumvent this issue by dumbing down the settings. No 3x images. No webP. No export to the server directly. I must export to the desktop.

Now I can’t even publish to a folder on my desktop. sparkle gets half way through the publish, freezes, and then crashes.

And when I finally get things working… sort-of working… things like logos don’t show up on every page even though I have it set to.

Something fishy here, I’ll get in touch via email.

No doubt Duncan will get you sorted out, but based on your posts I can’t but wonder about the files you’re trying to upload. Specifically I see it crashed after trying to compress an image.

Are you pre-compressing your photos so they are “web optimized” before putting them into Sparkle? Obviously Sparkle and other web-authoring software can do the compression for you in the background, but I’m wondering if there’s just too much internal processing going on that’s making things go sideways.

Curious to know how this turns out.