Where are all the Sparke Themes? Please share

Could we please have a list of all the designers that have ready-made/custom themes for Sparkle?

I’m planning to make a new site and would love to get some inspiration and would also be happy to purchase a theme if it suited my project.

Hey @jazzbird, There are a few sources you can peruse for inspirations or template purchase…

Firstly Sparkle itself offers free stater-templates (30 of them) when your first launch a new project. Also Duncan has a page dedicated to free Sparkle designs which you can find here - Sparkle Cafe | Free and Amazing Sparkle designs

And then there are the Sparkle Template Design Warriors! :slight_smile:
I only know of four but I’m sure others that are creating similar will pitch in and add more to this list.

  • You have the very first - Sparkle Themes captained by Chris Yates
  • Then we have Selcuk Yilmaz who has created 3 templates and some great effects
  • Then there is Lucian Dinu with his one landing page template that I know of
  • And then there is me, Flamin’ Fig with a number of gorgeous templates - more to come

So I’m thinking that could be a great start for you. I know there are two of us on this list that can also build out bespoke Sparkle designed websites so it is a matter of contacting them and asking further.

Ok, I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Hi Jazzbird,

More themes coming soon (bit behind schedule!)


Thanks for the mention Greenskin :wave:


Thank you so much @greenskin and @Chris! It’s useful having the one place where we can all find themes/addons for Sparkle users.

I’m looking for a multipage theme that would suit a homeschool/daycare/preschool. It’s actually for my daughter’s homeschooling journey commencing next year. I know I could make my own (and most likely will have to), but a little professional styling would be uber helpful!

Would also love to see some feminine themes. Hope I’m giving you both some ideas!!!

Thank you again. Looking forward to seeing Flamin’ Fig and Chris, I am already a regular visitor to your sparkle-themes site :slight_smile:

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Just flick me a message or email if you need some help with designing or code.

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Ahah, @greenskin mentioned my themes…
Thanks Hendrik.


Thank you so much! Shall do.

You’re welcome @jazzbird! :slight_smile:

I have two templates to drop before October is out (fingers-crossed), and then surprisingly my next themed template will have a feminine flavour to it so keep a look out!

@Chris & @macarna, you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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