Where can I download Sparkle latest version 3

Where can I download Sparkle latest version 3 ? The new version 4 did destroy my installed app so I can’t use Sparkle anymore. I have to maintain my (older) website soon. Anyone can help?

We tend to go forward only. What seems to be the problem? What is destroyed?

The word ‘destroyed’ can be rather heavy but everytime I load a sparkle file, the app hangs and then stops or I get a message there is a newer version of Sparkle available (while i started the new update version 4.0). After that I only can quit the app.

I had a similar issue when I wanted update from the free V3.1 to the Pro version.
Found out that Sparkle from Apple Store is behind and also causes problems when you want to update from the website update.
Then I made a backup, completely erased Sparkle from my hard disk and installed Sparkle form the website, since then no problems at all.
Can recommend doing that as well.

By the way, doesn’t matter what app it is, before opening your project with a new version, always make a backup from your project.
Loosing your project by not doing a backup is your responsibility not the developers.

Thanks Miwe, I deleted the complete Sparkle installation and app, downloaded the new version from the website and buy the license. Now Sparkle runs fine so far. Curious about the new options I’m going to try out. Thanks again.

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That’s great to hear Ton, well have fun with Sparkle 4 you will love it.