Where to find the "Live Preview" folder

Where does the Sparkle.app stores the files for the “Live Preview” (http://localhost:14444/)

In other words where’s the “Live Preview” folder located?

I could be wrong, but Sparkle doesn’t create the folder, it sends the data direct to your browser so it becomes part of the browsers history/cache etc. Instead of pulling the data from the web the browser is literally being fed directly from Sparkle - same end result difference source.

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so i does Sparkle determines which browser to send the preview?
(btw - this is a tricky question :sunglasses:)

Actually you choose the browser/s:


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As far as i’ve noticed it seems that the preview is always available/enabled,
no matter what you choose when clicking on “Open Live Preview”

http://localhost:14444 is always accessible (on any browser) as long as the Sparkle app is running

@wolfferine, If you have used Preview but not closed the tab than whenever you start up the browser (and Sparkle is open) it will appear.

By default Safari automatically opens when you click on the Preview icon. But like @producerguyaz has mentioned you have options in which browser opens by default or how many browsers open to Preview your Sparkle website.

I’m sure you know that you can used the generated QR Code for quick access on your mobile and/or tablet.

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During preview Sparke sends the files to a temporary folder on the local MacOS Apache web server and all browsers are clients on :14444 port. [edit: bad guess. see below]

If your goal is to be able to edit the files you must use and configure an FTP client like Transmit (fees) or Filezilla (free) to download from the folder at your web hosting provider AFTER publication.

By other way, you can configure Sparkle to directly export on Disk in the folder of your choice BEFORE publication with the FTP client

In any case, be very careful with file synchronisation between your Mac folder and Host folder. Always duplicate and keep the original. If you publish again directly from Sparkle you crush the files on the server.

Enjoy !

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@producerguyaz and @Steph thanks for your replies

@producerguyaz - as far as i’ve noticed, it doesn’t really matter if you leave the (Live Preview) browser tab open (or even close the browser), as long as the Sparkle app is running, you will be able to preview your (current) project by going to http://localhost:14444 (on any browser)

@Steph - i just want to locate that folder :grin:

There is no folder. Sparkle serves requests directly, generating the pages and other assets as needed. Sparkle also doesn’t use the macOS web server (which I think is not always available, depending on the macOS version), but it has its own internal web server.


:bulb: Which explains why /Library/WebServer/Documents is empty :smiling_face:

Also the usual “what are you really trying to do” would be useful. If we can support more use cases we definitely want to, if it’s of sufficient general interest.

I mean I wouldn’t ask the mechanic “where is the brake fluid duct” unless I wanted to sabotage someone’s car :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Indeed :slight_smile:
I was also looking at those folders:


Duncan we have already talked about this. No one doubts your goodwill to serve the general interest of Sparkle users. We see and appreciate that very much. But sometimes there are also small particular desires. Everyone is free to want to end up in the wall :upside_down_face: (this is often where we learn the most)

Thanks @duncan, for your explanation.

i have absolutely no intentions to do any sabotage.
Like a young kid (which, i probably always have been) i like to take things apart
just see how it’s build and how it works :slight_smile:


Yesss and what better than to break the toys to learn how they work ? :robot:

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