Where's the new file

je viens de passser en version 5 et Sparkle m’indique qu’il doit enregister mon projet ailleurs que là où il se trouve actuellement. Mais où enregistre-t-il ce fichier ? je ne le trouve nulle part… :blush:

merci pour votre aide

I have just upgraded to version 5 and Sparkle tells me that it must save my project somewhere other than where it is currently. But where does it save this file? I can’t find it anywhere… :blush:

Thanks for your help

Mmmm… Did you rename your file in Sparkle 5? If you haven’t it hasn’t saved as yet.
When saving the Sparkle 5 version of your file you tell it where you want to save it…

he renamed it to “untitled.sparkle”, but impossible to find with a search on my mac…

Edit : I resumed my project in v4 and registered in v5 by choosing the desired folder. It’s good this time. There’s just an “untitled.sparkle” file lying around somewhere on my mac… and I don’t know where :wink:

Thanks for taking time to respond to me.

Did you try @Arlekin to search for your “untitled.sparkle” file in Finder?

Yes, but no trace of this damn file :thinking:
It doesn’t matter, it will come out one day from the depths of my mac :wink:

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Un clic droit sur le nom du fichier ou un clic simple sur la petite flèche te permettra de voir dans quel dossier il est enregistré, pour info :blush:

Bonne soirée

Merci, je ne connaissais pas cette astuce.

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