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I thought I’d tackle my homepage today and redesigned it. However, there is now a white gap towards the bottom of the page which is not on the Sparkle canvas. To try and overcome it, I even lengthened the main pinkish colour beyond the footer but still it remains after I re-publish.

Could someone please suggest a possible fix? It doesn’t look very good.


It’s happening in both Chrome and Safari.

I’m not seeing it in Safari. Here is the screenshot

Hello @francbrowne! I’ve been playing around with it to hide the white area which is now a pale colour just above the footer. I did this by giving the background a fill colour. But as you can see, there’s still that gap (although not as stark as white now). Still very annoying as it should be one colour all the way to the red footer.

Not seeing in Safari @jazzbird. I do have the 30px red rectangle running through your site though. You may want to make sure those are all the way to the back.

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So the pink bar at the bottom of the page doesn’t bother me (big layout for PC screens).

But when the Hamburger Menu comes into play, for example in the layout for a tablet, errors in the layout reveal themselves. It is detached from the top bar (About…, FAQ), but remains at the top of the browser. When you scroll, it is covered by images.

A red bar also remains and disturbs the overall picture considerably. A few other images also overlap and the bottom of the page does not look good. You really need to work on that.

Some of the layout for a smartphone doesn’t look any better.

No offence - but you have to work on it again.

The layout for a large PC screen, on the other hand, is fine.

Mr. F.

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Thank you @Mr_Fozzie and @Woodrow! I always find doing the other layouts finicky and for some reason what I see on the Sparkle canvas and the preview is not what I see once I’ve finally uploaded. I am almost tempted to scrap everything and start again.

No offence ever taken. I thought I had it all sorted until you told me so I’m very grateful!

always good to see how other people create nice sites with Sparkle. A couple of things already mentioned should be corrected in your site

and maybe you must have a look at the bottom of the page. I got the attached picture. Good luck with your site!

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I notice the break between the medium value pink and the lighter value pink at the bottom of your page (see attachment).

Is it the case, by any chance, that your darker pink background is coming from a wide box? If so, I would consider the following fix:

  • Delete the wide box with the medium value pink.

  • Replace the light pink of your page background with your preferred medium value pink.

In that case, your medium value pink background color should extend all the way to the bottom of your browser, regardless of which device you view the webpage on.

I hope that helps.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 9.27.21 AM


Thank you! It looks a bit ugly. I’ll get cracking on to this one tonight. Thank you for alerting me!

Thank you @mOehlschlager! You solved my dilemma! Much appreciated!

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