White space at top of page

How can I get rid of the white area along the top of my page? I would like the colour layout block to extend to the top, as the blue strip does on this Sparkle page. The white area seems to correspond in size to the menu bar at the top of the page in the application. Thanks.

Hi @Poodleman, I’m afraid it’s unclear what you are referring to. By “top” you mean the browser area above the page? Maybe you’re thinking of the Safari Tab Bar color, a setting near the bottom of the page settings. Or is it part of the page?

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It is a strip of white above the page, below the tab bar. It is like that in chrome too. It does not appear on this page, as the blue strip goes right to the top, with no white above. Same for other web sites that use a colour or image at the top. Here is a screen grab.

Best if you send us the latest project file, we’ll take a look.

Well I sent it to you. In the meantime I opened an older version, then quit without saving, and then reopened and got a crash report window (did not fill that in), and then the problem was gone.