Why do I not have "Follow footer"?

Hello. I am trying to resolve my footer issues (it keeps jumping) and I don’t see “Follow footer” on my Arrange tab.

What makes “Follow footer” available on this tab? I am running the latest Sparkle version.

Please mark “Move with page Bottom” and test that.

Toggling “Move with page Bottom” does not change the available attributes on the Arrange tab.

Is it possible that this attribute is no longer available?

There is none @DaverD! It does what is says… Move with page bottom.

Sorry we need to clarify that in the documentation, as discussed in other threads “footer” was an ambiguous term in the user interface.

You have something that you consider a “footer” for the site, and you will set it to “move with page bottom” in Sparkle. They are related but distinct concepts.

Also it’s around the “show on all pages” setting because that’s when it’s used most often.