Why does my published site not reflect what I see in preview?

The changes I make to a page are reflected in preview mode (loading into Safari) but don’t show up when I publish to the web. Anybody have any thoughts?

Cache browser/webhost…

Hi @motormann,

unfortunately the question is too vague, there aren’t enough details to figure it out.

Generally speaking, changes published from Sparkle are reflected in the published site immediately. This is true for the vast majority of Sparkle users.

Things that can prevent this from happening:

  • your browser has cached the previous version of the site (the test is to clear the browser cache, there are long term server configurations that can fix this for good)
  • your web host has a server side cache (no good way to test this, you can check the web host control panel or ask them)
  • you are making changes on only one device in Sparkle, this isn’t automatically reflected to other devices – this is generally only about position changes, content changes are identical on all devices (see https://sparkleapp.com/docs/devices.html)

If you can better describe what changes you are making, provide screenshots of Sparkle and the corresponding website area, provide the website address, we can then give more specific feedback.