Why don't I see the preview of the svg?

Why don’t I see the preview of the svg?

Hey @antonio_duet, sorry about the trouble, can you show more details? Attach the SVG maybe?

In the preview you only see the vector drawings, the text does not.

Please send the SVG to feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll look into it

Out of curiosity, does the text need to be converted to outlines before the SVG is exported in order for it to render?

That would make your text look more consistent. Text in SVG is pretty rare, and the renderer we use doesn’t support it. We have fixed the in-canvas rendering for the next update.

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Text converted to lines does not look good.

If the text converted to outlines does not render satisfactorily, you may have to consider generating a PNG instead.

There are many svg files, they are tables with information. For me it is not a problem not to see in the preview.