Why is Layout Block icon highlighted?

There are times when I notice the Layout Block icon is highlighted. I don’t use Layout Blocks and I don’t know the circumstances that are associated when it is highlighted or when it disappears. So far, I simply ignore it. As a result, it has been inconsequential. However, I am curious nonetheless.

Anyone know?

Mmmm… I have never come across that.
So your system’s highlighting colour is pink?

I guess it will come down to what OS are you running? on what device?

Looks like some kind of focus ring or accessibility indicator. It’s not the norm in Sparkle.

I am running macOS Monterey 12.3.1 on a MBP. This is inconsequential - especially if Duncan is saying it is not the norm with Sparkle.

Since I thought it odd, I didn’t know if it was consequential or not.

It’s the OS.

Here from safari.
You can move it when pressing the TAB key.