Why not make blocks universal? & a few more wishes

Amazing that such a wonderful web builder as Sparkle still creates wishes:

Draw a line
Changing colours also without changing the colour scheme
Make blocks universal:
Text, Color, Structure, Picture, Gallery, Video, etc.
with all features: Edge, Opacity, Blur, Fix on page, Full page width, etc.
No separate Text/Photo/Video/Gallery etc. necessary

Background page as a photo
Edge around album
Import PDF
Also stock photos in Galery

Edge around video
Pixabay video’s integrate
Video in blocks
Video in full page width
Blur video
Slow motion
Fix video’s on one place (not only top) of the page

When not filling in all required questions, give a warning what is lacking.
Now it just doesn’t send without saying or telling why.
Results forms in spreadsheets and no unnecessary words

Copy complete pages from 1 site to another
Set the page hight
Make templates

I hope this list inspires.
Yours, π (Pieter)

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Hello @Pieter

Well, this is quite a wish list … :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think it makes sense or is even reasonable to add “blur video” or “slow motion” capabilities to Sparkle.
These effects have to be done with a video editing software, like iMovie or Final Cut Pro X.

And just in general, adding video as background will almost always slow down a website immensely, even with broadband internet connections.

As for your other wishes, I am pretty sure that @duncan and his team are working on some of them already … I’m convinced we’ll see a lot of great changes and additions to Sparkle in the future.

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Thx for your reply.
I see what you mean with the video’s and I will drop the idea of video backgrounds for now. I do have much confidence Duncan will improve things, but it could be useful to hear wishes from us, users. In any case, I love Sparkle!
Yours, Pieter

Hello @Pieter

You can have full page width video backgrounds in Sparkle, in the page setup, you can choose a video as a background.

But it’s not yet possible to put videos in a full width box.

Video backgrounds can look great on a website, I am very often tempted to use them myself. :smile:

But I realise it can slow down a website, and these days, loading speed of a website is important, most people don’t want to wait and move on if the page takes too long to load.

And yes, I agree. It’s always good to share ideas and wishes. :+1:
I guess we all love Sparkle, that’s why we are here. :slightly_smiling_face:
And we all want it to become even better …

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Food for thought, thanks.

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I love the idea of full width video.