Why should I use Sketch?

I’ve used Photoshop for 20+ years and usually hand-code my HTML/CSS in Pinegrow.

Then, I found Sparkle and it changed everything.

I rarely touch raw HTML now, because of Sparkle. I can go right from PSD to Sparkle. However if Sketch will improve my Photoshop to Sparkle workflow even more, I’ll try it.

Can anyone tell me why I should use Sketch, or is it non-essential in my toolbox?

@WebRoyal, Likewise! I have been coding html/css for 11+ years and then fell in love with Adobe Muse because I could design the web instead of being constraint within the code. And we all know what Adobe did and so I have moved everything over to Affinity and went for a hunt and found this fantastic product - Sparkle! :slight_smile: in amongst trying out Pinegrow, Blocs, and Bootstrap Studio.

I love how we can “design” the web, and how we have far better control over the breakpoints! :slight_smile:

So now to your question… Sketch.
I have been in two-minds a bit because I have been wire framing and prototyping in Sparkle and uploading it to a test sever for the client to get a good idea of where we are going with the site plus they are able to interact with it. Collaboration isn’t great but it hasn’t prevented the project moving forward.

I also use Sketch because of being able to create vectorised elements, able to create svg files, and the needed collaboration, but when done it is very convenient to import into Sparkle with hardly any alterations to the import… and a few hours later a full fledged website across breakpoints! :slight_smile:

I guess in the end it has more to do with your workflow, but I hope the above has been of help! :slight_smile:

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We built the Sketch plugin mainly for people who are already proficient with Sketch. Doesn’t stop you from trying, the Sketch to Sparkle plugin will work with the Sketch trial, though of course becoming proficient in Sketch takes more than that.

One thing that Sketch import makes easy is adding random vector graphics on the page, that the import turns into an SVG on the fly. You could do the same by composing the artwork, exporting as SVG and then adding into Sparkle, but it’s definitely slower.


Great responses, thank you. What I got from you both is:

  • design for breakpoints and import into sparkle with breaks already in place;
  • SVG vectorization of elements.

This actually sounds great, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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