Wide Box Image Gallery

Is there a way to apply a WIDE BOX to an image gallery?

Yes indeed. Set the full width checkbox in the arrange panel. Same is possible for video. Wide box is just a common preset so that’s why it’s surfaced to the toolbar, but it’s the same as checking the full width option on a box.

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Take a look at what I cooked up as a slider for this clothing site. Not quite full width, but it made my client happy.


I created an automatic slide show with thumbnail images below, then used white wide bars to mask all but the animated thumbs.


Hello Dave,
compliments for your site. Looks very good, chique! And to know how to make the slider in this way can be handy in the future!

Thanks very much, Ben, for your kind words!
Honestly, I surprised myself in figuring out how to make this slider in Sparkle!
Used to be something you needed to code in Javascript or in Flash but that’s not my field.