Wider custom mobile layout?

Is there a way to go beyond set margins/width of 320 in custom phone layout?



That can not be changed.
You know that you can activate “auto scaling for mobile devices”?
It is in the settings “Miscellaneous”.

We ‍added ‍mobile ‍auto-scaling, ‍so ‍the ‍page ‍you ‍lay ‍out ‍on ‍the ‍mobile ‍device ‍(320 ‍pixels ‍wide) ‍will ‍be ‍identical ‍on ‍popular ‍smartphone ‍sizes, ‍such ‍as ‍428/414/375 ‍pixel ‍wide ‍phones.

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Thanks. When I preview the autoscaling, it looks good. When its uploaded and is viewed online it doesnt scale like it did in the preview and alignment of elements and text is off. I’m not sure whats happening here

Are you using the Safari mobile browser?
There is an issue with text scaling and wrapping.
As far as i know, only Safari on iPhone.
It is not a bug in sparkle.

Mr. F.

No Im using chrome on ios

Hmmm. From Duncan 1 year ago:

Ah yes we don’t automatically activate it on old projects because it has some text scaling side effects on mobile Safari, specifically mobile Safari doesn’t support fractional text size (say 14.5px), so all text sizes are slightly rounded down, resulting in different word wrapping and making longer text spans shorten. Chrome and Firefox work perfectly, and we’re hoping Safari will fix the bug (eventually). It’s been in their bug database for years…

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It’s normal, Apple requires all browsers available on iOS to run on “Webkit”, Safari’s engine. To simplify, on iOS, a bug present on Safari will also be present on Chrome, Firefox, Opera…

If automatic scaling in the settings is enabled, that might be the issue. Try disabling it to see if it fixes the problem (Site settings > Miscellaneous > Mobile auto-scaling).

All good advice here!
I’ll chip in and ask you if you are looking at your mobile layout in Preview as Preview Features : Current Device ? If you are then that is what you have explained here.

I would have the feature set to All Devices before Preview(ing).

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