Worked on two computers - Asked which Version to keep - I kept the wrong one!

I originally started work on a website using my laptop, but then decided it was easier on my Mac. When I was away, I reopened the file from my laptop and it must have saved it to iCloud. When I got back to my Mac I got the message to choose which version to keep. I couldn’t see the dates properly and ended up selecting the wrong one. Unless I can somehow go back and retrieve the correct version … I am out a LOT of work. Any suggestions? BTW … By coincidence I happen to update to Apple Sonoma Developer Version Beta and I just discovered a bug … Time Machine stopped backing up. That means that is not a solution. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @dMacGuy, did you dry File / Revert To or File / Browse All Versions?
This is your bestest friend!!!

Sounds like you are describing an iCloud Drive conflict resolution window.

I don’t much much experience with iCloud Drive, it’s never been fully reliable for me (never ending file sync, etc), so I don’t use it much.

But at a very quick web search this comes up, maybe you can find the conflicted and removed file on

Thank you FlaminFig!
I didn’t realize that Sparkle had its own “File / Revert” function. That worked !! Yeah!!

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