Working out the kinks

This is a web site that I’ve been working on for a long time using many tools over the years. I’ve been using Squarespace for several other sites It’s okay looks good but to limiting. Sparkle is the best tool I’ve come across in a long time.

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And what portions of the site would you like to improve upon?

I don’t know if I want to improve it as much as make it tight and easy for my users to navigate. I only use the embedded resources page. The blogger blog was embedded yesterday. I’d love to make it work in phones. That would be a big improvement. I’ll be adding a merch page for hats, tees, stickers and hand tied flies.

I would like to elicit photos and comments in a blog or pseudo blog if possible.

This is as much play as it is a service. Sparkle has sparked my interest in web work again. I used to have webstar servers running in my closet in the early nineties. I built sites using tools from AppleScript, Actionscript, JavaScript and everything in-between. I automated newspaper pages around the world while I worked at an International data service using web technology. All great fun but that was a while ago. I use Squarespace now for my artist page and find WP a bore.

Sparkle is a lot of fun and and has been gobbling up a lot of my time.
I’m mostly fish, paint and napping now -

Love the picture of the lighthouse Jim. Great work. IMO Sparkle is a tool, and tools are good for particular things. Sometimes there are workarounds for the tool chosen, sometimes not. Imbedding a blog on an iPhone could be a challenge.
Many on this board will tell you what Sparkle can do, and not do.
Agree that you’d like to tighten up your site.
Sparkle does an excellent job for your art website. For the website that you’ve posted, list your challenges and let the experts help you out.
Sometimes it’s easier to start fresh, plan the site within the capabilities of the program rather than the opposite.


@kingsie, You’ve done a really great job - simple, clean, and orderly! :slight_smile:
Just one thing I could suggest… your support, contact, and about navigation are dropdowns introducing an extra click? You can simply make those just top navigation.

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I’m not always a fan of words as navigation. Too application looking. Too utilitarian maybe. I’m working out the simplicity. I’m stuck with the AirTable, Google Maps and blogger embed displays. I’m looking to simplify my elements to not compete. One thing that seems to be a issue with Sparkle his my fonts keep becoming unhinged.