Working with text styles to customize links

Something that comes up from time to time is how text styles can help in Sparkle.

This is specifically about text links. Suppose you have a text block like this:

Make one word a link, and change the link to blue, and remove the underline:

Now if you want to make this new style the default for text links, with the text link selected, you see the style says "body - link” style, and the (*) means it is changed compared to the default style for a body - link. So I can either revert it or apply it. If I click apply changes, the style becomes the new default for body links.

Now when I create a new link it will be in that style:

Now if I decide I want to change the default link style to red, I pick red and click apply changes, and now all links are red:

Text styles are very helpful in accelerating styling of a site, and are invaluable when adapting a page for multiple devices. Hope this helps!


I’ve finally started using text styles. Best to use them right from the start. Don’t forget the advanced ‍text ‍options; it’s easy to make an additional Link style (click ‍on ‍the ‍cogwheel ‍icon) ‍to reveal them.