WOW! Canva buys Affinity

Well this is a shocker!!!, but now Adobe needs to watch out!

Canva has shown itself as a really well thought out professional outfit for the non-Designers (and Designers)… An Australian company with Launceston TAS connections! We are neighbours! :slight_smile:

For me I am happy that Canva now owns Affinity (looks like they were ready to sell) and not Adobe!

:hot_face: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Rarely do these end well for customers (at least historically with countless examples).
I hope this will be the glaring exception.

^ That didn’t age well (1 day). Better than this though … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I hope Anfinity does not become subscription based.

Actually i was reading an article recently, that all those big subscription based software companies don’t make money on subscriptions.

good news:

Canva also said that there are no current plans to change the subscription-free model of Affinity apps – a huge plus over the Adobe apps.


I’m also shocked and a bit unhappy about this, but in the end it takes two to tango so it looks like Affinity wanted to tango! I’m so happy that they tangoed with Canva instead of Adobe!

From what I know Canva has a number of acquistioned digital companies, but they all still have their own website and branding. So it looks like Canva is acquiring team members as experts in their field/product, not swallowing them whole and deleting them like Adobe.

Fingers-crossed that Affinity remains independent enough and keeps to their business/purchase model.


It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Personally, I really like the Affinity apps and I would be sorry if I had to give them up because of a switch to subscription models.

But the good thing is: I’m already so old that I won’t need this kind of software in a few years’ time.

Mr. F.

Same here, ‘I’m not bothered’ …

According to what is written here, this merger seems to be going very well.

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Now all Canva/Affinity needs is website designing software. hmmmm

I don’t need it, I have Sparkle.

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If Canva also bids on Sparkle, this combination could be great.

No it really wouldn’t.

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Have you ever used Dreamweaver?

Yes, I used it a little during the Macromedia era.