Wrong icon displayed on LinkedIn from my site

I post changes in my site on LinkedIn, including URL. This time in a comment. LinkedIn automatically shows a picture from the page/URL. This time that is a blown-up version of a very small picture: an icon that is used in my pop-up menu. Why that icon (there are many more)? Can I change that in Sparkle?

I expected to see my logo (the paper tiger on the top of the page).

LinkedIn (you have to click on it to see my comment):

My page:

You use the social sharing settings to control the image, much like for facebook, twitter, slack, etc.

Thanks, Duncan. Probably it takes a while for LinkedIn to change it, but I’m sure it will work!

Yeah facebook has a place where you can clear their cache of your website’s social card. I don’t know if linkedin has one, never hear of one myself.